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VW Personal Lease and Business Contract Hire

Reliability, great performance, top quality – Just a few of the terms that spring to mind upon thinking about Volkswagens. Popular among both business and personal customers, Volkswagens are not only highly sought after but also affordable, making them the perfect car choice for all.

leasing a Volkswagen means buying a car with one of the strongest residual values on the market. Our reputation for excellent engineering and reliability means that a Volkswagen often holds its value better than other brands. Take the Golf. A timeless classic that’s always in demand and a perfect example of how using Volkswagen for your fleet could provide you with a surprising return on investment.

The Volkswagen range is truly extensive, providing people with more choice than most other manufactures. Including but not limited to the famous Beetle that is loved by millions, small city cars such as the Volkswagen Up, pedigree cars like the Beetle, Golf and Passat and larger MPVs and 4x4s like the Touran and the Sharan, Volkswagen  models and car leasing deals to match are available for all.

Sourcing all of our Volkswagens from the greatest UK dealerships here at Bluepoppy we take pride in offering the more competitive leasing plans, with no hidden costs, and are here to assist you in finding the leasing plan of your dreams. Get in touch for more information today.