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Personal Contract Purchase

PCP as it’s sometimes referred to is suitable for individuals or companies who wish to own their vehicles, depreciation on the asset is avoided. The monthly finance rentals are not subject to VAT however if a maintenance package is included VAT is payable on this element of the cost.

The vehicle is hired on a fixed monthly payment for a specific period and mileage. At the end of the contract the client purchases the vehicle for a pre determined value (known as final payment or balloon payment)

Key Features

  • Flexible contract term from 24 – 48 months
  • Flexible contract mileage
  • Final option or purchase price pre determined on inception of contract
  • Ownership passes to the customer on completion of payments
  • No VAT payable on monthly rentals (excluding servicing)

Key Benefits

  • Low Capital outlay
  • Improved Cash Flow
  • Fixed monthly costs which improves budgeting

Maintenance package & RFL can be included

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