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Short Term Vehicle Leasing


Short Term Leasing

We are proud to be introducing short term lease deals. Short term leasing (for agreements ranging between 3 and 24 months) has many benefits as it offers plenty of flexibility and a great solution for many motorists. It allows you drive a brand new car for a specific amount of time on a number of affordable fixed rentals.


Benefits of Short-Term Car & Van Leasing

There are many benefits to short-term leasing, including:

Businesses also benefit from…

  • Reclaimable VAT on monthly leasing payments (100% reclaimable for sole business use or 50% for mixed business-private usage)
  • Reclaimable VAT paid on maintenance package (100% reclaimable)
  • Reclaimable monthly lease payments (for cars emitting 110g/km or less CO2 100% is reclaimable or 85% if emissions are 111/km or more)

Typical Short-Term Leasing Scenarios

Short term leasing is ideal for a whole range of situations including:

And for businesses:

If you need a vehicle for more than 12 months however, longer-term leasing may be more suitable.

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